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Our tutors and SI’s will be assisting you virtually using our Biology Tutoring Center Microsoft Team. Your instructor may have already registered you for the tutoring center. If they have not, then the first time you join our team you will need to register for access.

Note about your login and password: You will be asked to log in to teams. Log in using your @UConn.edu email address and you UConn password (the password you normally use to log in to HuskyCT).

To register for our Team:

1) Click here, or on the BCenter logo to the right to navigate to our Microsoft Team.

2) Once you open Microsoft Teams enter the code: n3ipf85 to join!
(You might need to find the “Teams” icon in the left hand menu, and then click “Join or create team”, then you can enter the code above).

3) Warning, you must sign in with your @UCONN.EDU Microsoft account in order to access this team.

*Note, UConn Students have free access of Office 365, if you do not have Microsoft office suite installed on your computer click here to get access to office 365.

For assistance registering, check out this how-to video. If all else fails, just email Professor Audette@ Dylan.audette@uconn.edu

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Meet our instructors and tutors:

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Lorraine Perez, Biology Tutor

Hello! My name is Lorraine (she/her/hers) and I am a tutor Bio1107 at the Hartford Campus. I am a Biology major in my 2nd year in college with aspirations to pursue a career in the healthcare field. I have taken Bio1107 and MCB 2210 (Cell Biology), and I am currently taking Bio1108. I know that we are experiencing some strange times, but I am looking forward to supporting you in this class as much as I possibly can! I want to be there for you in every step of your learning experience 🙂

Joseph png

Joseph El-Achkar, Biology Tutor

Hi! My name is Joe and I’ll be tutoring this semester at the B-Center. I’m currently a Junior at Uconn majoring in Biology. I’m doing Pre-Med right now aiming to pursue a career in Neurology, but you never know what the future holds. I’ve taken Bio 1107 and Bio 1108. Even though this semester is going to be different I’m still very excited to tutor students online. If you need help with your class or just need a quick refresher on Biology topics, feel free to join the tutoring sessions I’ll be happy to help.

Cindy png

Cindy Pan, Biology Tutor

Hi my name is Cindy Pan! I am a junior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and planning to double major in Philosophy. My career goal is to become a physician that can provide quality care to patients holistically—to not just focus on the problems presented to me at face-value, but trying to understand the patient on a deeper level. I believe many factors contribute to someone’s health outcome: race/ethnicity, zip code, education, socioeconomic status, etc. Therefore, as a future physician, I would like to work in under-served communities, because for these vulnerable populations, healthcare becomes a privilege. I am a strong believer that healthcare is an universal right and everyone should have access to quality and affordable care!

Currently, I have taken Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1107), Principles of Biology II (BIOL 1108) and Human Genetics (MCB 2400). If there are any questions pertaining to the courses above, feel free to stop by the B Center to get them answered! I am excited to work with students this Fall and help you all grow as learners and succeed!

Michael Frankiewicz, Biology Tutor

Hey! My name is Michael and I am joining the B center as a tutor for Bio 1107 and 1108. I have also taken EEB 2244E and am currently taking MCB 2410. We are all making our way through the trenches of the COVID-19 world but I will try my best to support you in this course with your assignments and get you ready for those quizzes and exams. Stop by virtually if you would like.

Ohm Ghutadaria, Biology Tutor

Hi! My name is Ohm Ghutadaria and I’m currently a freshman at Uconn majoring in physiology and neurobiology. As of right now, I’m a current pre-med in the pursuit of attending medical school in the near future. In my short time frame at Uconn, I have only taken Bio 1107. I know the adjustment from in-person to virtual learning can be quite difficult for a science-related course. I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m here to help all of you prosper and succeed in this course. I am excited to meet all of you and help you throughout the semester with biology-related topics!

Shivanie Harbaran, BIOL1107 Supplementary Instructor

Hi! My name is Shivanie (she/her/hers) and I am an SI for BIOL1107! I am a sophomore majoring in Allied Health. I have taken Bio 1107 and I am currently taking Bio 1108 and MCB 2215. These times are very difficult right now, but I look forward to helping you succeed in your biology classes! Please feel free to stop by virtually!

Tooba Nadeem, BIOL1108 Supplementary Instructor

Hello!! My name is Tooba Nadeem and I am your supplemental instruction tutor. I am a sophomore at UConn and major in Physiology and Neurobiology. I took BIOL 1108  last Spring and I know it can be challenging at times. I know this semester is different but you are not alone!! I am excited to meet everyone and work together to help you guys succeed. Outside of school, I love to paint, lift weights, and watch American Horror Story.

Shannel Senior, Biology Tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Shannel and I am a tutor for Bio 1107. I am currently a junior and my major is Molecular and Cell Biology. I’ve taken Bio 1107 and MCB 2400 with Professor Audette and I enjoyed both courses. This will be my 3rd semester working in the B-center I am super excited to begin helping you all. I love biology and I hope by the end of the semester I can convince you all to love it as well. Please feel free to stop by anytime you are stressed. See you soon!

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The UCONN Hartford Biology Tutoring Center provides free tutoring for life science courses listed under BIOL, EEB, MCB, and PNB.

Our tutors are excited to work with you, our office is located at 314D Hartford Times Building, but we are operating online-only for the time being. Check back for updates!

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